Shelf Corporations and LLCs

The Features

  • Fully anonymous to the public
  • Included Federal Tax ID Number
  • Resident Agent Fees and Officer Lists paid through anniversary date
  • Engraved corporate kits (By-laws, corporate seal and share certificates)
  • Guaranteed to have no owed taxes or other debts
  • Guaranteed to haveĀ no litigation and have never done business
  • Nevada companies have Initial Officer List and Business License paid
  • Same Day Electronic Delivery!

What is a shelf company?

A shelf company is a corporation or LLC that was formed and “put on the shelf” to be purchased at a later date.

These companies were formed by Corp 95 specifically for customers that need a company fast.

South Dakota Shelf Companies

Name of CompanyDate FormedPrice
Neptune Financial Group, Inc.May 16, 2019$1,200.00 (Corp)
Network Solutions Corp.May 16, 2019$1,200.00 (Corp)
Merit Holdings, LLCJune 25, 2019$1,200.00 (LLC)
Bayside Investment Group, LLCJuly 2, 2019$1,200.00 (LLC)
Riviera Enterprises, LLCJuly 2, 2019$1,200.00 (LLC)
Union Enterprises, LLCJuly 2, 2019$1,200.00 (LLC)

Wyoming Shelf Companies

Name of CompanyDate FormedPrice
Boulevard Asset Group, Inc.Feb 13, 2019$1,200.00 (Corp)
Aztec Industries, LLCMar 7, 2019$1,200.00 (LLC)
Gem Industries, Inc.May 3, 2019$1,200.00 (Corp)
Horizon Development Group, LLCMay 3, 2019$1,200.00 (LLC)
Woodcrest Industries, LLCMar 7, 2019$1,200.00 (LLC)

Nevada Shelf Companies

Name of CompanyDate FormedPrice
ATOMIC INVESTMENTS, LLCJune 7, 2019$1,550.00 (LLC)

Delaware Shelf Companies

Name of CompanyDate FormedPrice
Marina Venture Corp.Feb 15, 2019$1,200.00 (Corp)