Shelf Corporations and LLCs

The companies below feature:

  • Full anonymity to the public
  • Federal Tax ID numbers
  • Paid up resident agent and officer lists (paid through the anniversary date)
  • Engraved corporate kits (By-laws, corporate seal and share certificates)
  • Guaranteed to have no tax or other debts
  • These companies have no litigation and have never done business
  • Nevada companies also have the Initial Officer/Business License paid
  • All listed companies available for same day electronic delivery!

South Dakota Shelf Companies

Name of CompanyDate FormedPrice
Mark Technologies, LLCJune 26, 2017$1,200.00 (LLC)
Winner Capital Group, LLCJune 26, 2017$1,200.00 (LLC)
Speed Funding Group, Inc.Aug 3, 2017$1,200.00 (Corp)


Wyoming Shelf Companies

Mark Resources, Inc.June 26, 2017$1,200.00 (Corp)
Fantasy Management, Inc.Aug 3, 2017$1,200.00 (Corp)
Lake Development, LLCAug 3, 2017$1,200.00 (LLC)
Impact Capital Assets, LLCAug 3, 2017$1,200.00 (LLC)


Nevada Shelf Companies

Name of CompanyDate FormedPrice
Defender Capital Group, LLCFeb 3, 2016$2,500.00 (LLC)
Halo Investment Solutions, Inc.Mar 31, 2016$3,000.00 (Corp)


Delaware Shelf Companies

Name of CompanyDate Formed


Monitor Venture Group, LLCMay 5, 2017$1,200.00 (LLC)
Trophy Management, Inc.May 5, 2017$1,200.00 (Corp)